79% – RoboBrrd Indiegogo Update

We have made a few additional updates on the campaign since last blog post!

It’s been 1 week since the campaign started, and we’re at 79%!


Congrats to everyone who will be soon getting a RoboBrrd, it’s going to be fun to see the photos of them in the wild.

Thanks everyone who has been helping spread the word by sharing the posts and +1’ing them!

There’s still a ways to go, and hopefully even more as well.

We managed to be picked up by many sites!
DVICE, IEEE Spectrum Automaton, MAKE Blog, WIRED GeekDad, robots.net, seeedstudio, Adafruit, EMSL.

RoboBrrd and sidekick Weird Eyebrow Robot made an appearance on the Adafruit Show and Tell. You can watch it here!

We were also on the MAKE Google+ Hangout Editors Choice: Robots! You can watch it here:

This is a really nice quote from Robert Lysik’s blog post:
RoboBrrd fully embraces the Maker philosophy that you don’t really own something unless you can tear it apart and customize it. We need to let kids know that it’s OK to do this, that it’s not off-limits. The best way to learn is to tinker. If kids are afraid to touch a robot lest they break it, how can we expect to them to ever build up confidence that they can create something on their own?”

I really like that. The only way you’ll become friends with robots is to learn about how they work on the insides, and build one yourself 🙂 You can use the skills you learned with RoboBrrd in other projects as well!


It’s really exciting that there are 4 (!!) laser cutter sponsors! I’ve been looking at the lasersaur, which would be fun to put together, but not quite sure if it would be feasible compared to a rent-to-own option on a commercial laser cutter. I’m going to be researching the various options more in depth 😉

I’ll probably be ordering some test components of the sourced parts to make sure they fit in the pcb and work. I’m mainly thinking of the screw terminals here, if the spacing is off by a few mils it will be messed up 😉

This is one of the great benefits of the Indiegogo flexible funding, some of the funds are available right away, which will hopefully give us a head start.

Stay up to date with all the happenings by following @RoboBrrd on Twitter!

Thanks everyone for the support so far, and let’s keep going! Go RoboBrrd!


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