Newsie (week of Dec 30th)

Welcome to our weekly newsie blog post! It will be posted every Sunday, assuming that the RoboBrrds are working diligently. Here we will discuss what is up and happening in the land (and forest) of RoboBrrd.

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There have been some site improvements to the kit instructions area, as well as the front page! Here they all are:

  • Tiles on the RoboBrrd Kit first page are now more descriptive about where they link to
  • The Programming page of the kit instructions are complete
  • The Calibrate page of the kit instructions are complete
  • The front page is still snowing!


We are starting to see some of the photos come in of the RoboBrrds as they are being built! They are looking very cool, it’s great to see how others are being creative with their RoboBrrds. Every Tuesday we will be showing off a featured RoboBrrd by one of you, so be sure to share yours with us (through twitter/g+/forum) so we can see it!

During this week we will also be adding your RoboBrrd photos to the Spirit page, so keep an eye on that for the next newsie!

Robot Party

This is open to all robot builders (not just a RoboBrrd), and everyone who is interested in learning more about robotics. Each week we have a Robot Party Google+ Hangout, where we show off and discuss robots. It’s a great way to learn about tips & tricks from other robot builders. Join our community, and come to one of the Robot Partys!


That’s all for this week. Have a good time building robots everyone!

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