New Tutorial: Google+ Hangout Extension – Arduino Example

For Maker Camp, we had a Google+ Hangout Extension and a web app that people could control RoboBrrd with. Ever wanted to learn how to make it yourself? We have a new tutorial for getting started with using your Arduino and Google+ Hangouts.

Here is the overview video:

Watch on YouTube

There is definitely a lot of information that you can learn with this. Here is how we rank it:

Difficulty: 8.7/10
Open-endedness: 9.2/10
Time: 12-24 hours (1 weekends)

It’s a really fun hack to try out! Go for it!

Get started with our tutorial here!

Learn Page Clarification Breakdown

We are working on getting the Learn page up and going. There has been a lot of hacks done with RoboBrrd over the times! We’re listing the existing hacks right now, including the Original RoboBrrd and Impy RoboBrrd.

One of the useful aspects is our clarification breakdown of the tutorial or hack. Here’s what our breakdown includes right now:

Skills you will learn: (list)
Challenges to overcome: (list)
Difficulty: (from 0-10)
Open-endedness: (from 0-10)
Time: (time in hours, time in weekends)

Let us know if this is a good way to help you decide which hack/tutorial to look at!

We plan on adding more tutorials and hacks, so keep your eyes peeled! Check out the Learn page right now!