New Product: Flexineocube!


It’s weird, experimental, folds together, and lights up! Introducing the Flexineocube! 😀

Flexineocube consists of two flexible boards. Each board has 3 addressable RGB LEDs on them (like the Adafruit Neopixels). You can fold the boards together to form a cube.

The material is very lightweight, so you can hang it from somewhere and have it wave in the wind!

You can get one now on the RoboBrrd Store!

It’s name your price starting at $23. Buying a Flexineocube is a great way to pitch in for some more of our experiments. 😀

New Paint

You might have noticed, has a new coat of paint!


This is version 2 of the design of our website. We took away much of the distractions and bloat on the front page, so it loads quicker and with less data now.

There is a lot more room for new robots. This is great because we want to make some more characters. 😉

Also, we have come up with the name of the planet that the robots reside on: Zimpopodu!

You will find some pages around the site that are a mix between v1 and v2. The content is the same. New pages will use the updated v2 template.

Let us know if you find anything broken or can be improved. Hope you enjoy the new look!

New Boards!

Four new boards, open source hardware, timelapse video, and a tutorial!

New Boards!

Big day, we have four new boards! Here is a little overview of each:




RoboBrrd Brain (APMB)

Your RoboBrrd needs a brain! Use this Arduino Pro Mini Breakout board that was specifically designed for RoboBrrd to get it up and running.

More details / View in store


Quick! Resistors!

Add resistors to your project with simplicity and elegance.

More details / View in store


Quick! Voltage Divider!

Add two voltage dividers to your project — usually used with variable resistors as sensors.

More details / View in store


Arduino Pro Mini Breakout

Embed an Arduino into a project, with a suitable amount of prototyping space available.

More details / View in store



Available Now


You can buy these boards on our store, right now.



Timelapse Video


Here is a short video of the making of the boards in gEDA! Time goes by so quickly on timelapse mode…

Watch on YouTube



New Tutorial


We are including 3D printed enclosure ‘sleds’ with each of the boards. It would be very tedious to design these by hand, but there is a way you can export the pcb from gEDA into Inventor. We thought we would share this with you!

3D Printed PCB Enclosure: gEDA to Autodesk Inventor

Learn more!



Open Source Hardware!


The gEDA pcb files, as well as the Inventor enclosure files are open source!
View the Github repository.