New Products: Flexible Starter Kit!

Flexible Starter Kit

If you are eager to start on your own flexible robot building adventure, we have some fun new products for you!

Flexible Starter Kit

Flex Starter

This starter kit includes all of the moulds, plenty of hubs, and an assortment of vertebrae. Perfect if you are looking to dive in and get started!

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Vertebrae Pieces

Vertebrae Pieces

13 vertebrae pieces! This will allow you to get started building or experimenting with flexible constructions.

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Hubs (10 Pack)


10 hubs! These are used at the ends of the flexible links so they can join the vertebrae.

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Moulds (Flexible Links)


5 moulds! This will allow you to form your own flexible links in sizes 1-5.

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They are all available now, so check out the RoboBrrd Store and get them!

Botbait and the Space Fish!

One of the ways Botbait enjoys spending its time is by playing with fish (of course)! These fish live in a special habitat… SPACE! They float around the cosmic-coloured waves and go wherever the ‘water’ current directs them.

Check out the video!

Botbait and the Space Fish is an interactive application made in Processing.


You can download it, view the source, and connect it with your own Botbait! Learn more, here.

RoboBrrd @ Open Hardware Summit!

Here are all the photos that we displayed of YOUR RoboBrrds! It was great to be able to have them all there ‘in spirit’! 😀

RoboBrrd Open Hardware Summit 2013

RoboBrrd Open Hardware Summit 2013

Here are some photos of RoboBrrd at the Open Hardware Summit!

RoboBrrd Open Hardware Summit 2013

Open Hardware Summit 2013
^ Photo by Mightyohm

Robo brrd
^ Photo by soycamo

All the RoboBrrds and robots had a great time at MIT for OHS! The most memorable moment was having a RoboBrrd Backer walk up to us the night before and say: “I love my RoboBrrd!”! It was SUPER COOL! 😀

RoboBrrd MIT

You can view the OSHW that we make over at And we will be making more OSHW 😉