Newsie (week of Jan 14)

The week before this one was pretty crazy in RoboBrrd land. We sent out many more of the RoboBrrd kits, and working our way through the list!

We only have two arms and RoboBrrd isn’t very useful at typing with its beak, so here are the updates from last week and the week before!


  • Added words and a video about piano wire bending for the wings (thanks salilphadnis and rlysik)
  • Added words about the beak servo nub, that two are included and one is a spare (thanks paulb)
  • Added Step 12.5 to the Soldering stage, about j6 and j11 (thanks rlysik)
  • Added some words about Part #10 and gluing it in (thanks pgor)
  • Added info about a FTDI cable being needed, earlier on in the kit instructions (thanks rlysik)
  • Specified that the CONN1 DC Jack is centre positive (thanks paulb)
  • Modified Extras – Step #2 to make it more clear that the LED has to be facing towards you (thanks paulb)
  • Fixed some less than / greater than sign issues on example code
  • It’s still snowing in RoboBrrd land!

Here is the video for the piano wire bending:

As you can tell, lots of these suggestions for improvements were from various forum members who have been posting about questions they have! The feedback is extremely useful to make RoboBrrd a more clear and straight-forward build. If you have any feedback, please let us know on the forum!


Yikes! I was not receiving notifications of replies to a topic, so apologies for the delay in replies. It seems to be sorted out now.

Additionally, if you have signed up to the forum and are still waiting for an email confirmation- let me know. The email part might be borked, but I can approve you manually.

We have lots of people posting their questions! If you don’t understand something with RoboBrrd, don’t be shy and please ask away! 🙂

RoboBrrds flying through the mail

The list is getting shorter, and some people will be getting their RoboBrrds soon!


LOTS of people have been posting their pics of RoboBrrd! THANKS! We have seen a lot of them on Google+, we reshare them so you can see them all! It was fun to see two of them on the Robot Party last week as well! Keep them coming to us, and we’ll be curating all of these pics pretty soon 🙂

Also, @eightlines (who made RoboBrrd listen to voice commands) now has the code as a gist, so it is easier to fork!


That’s all for this week. Have a good time building robots everyone! Hope to see you and your robots at the Robot Party!