RoboBrrd Fundraiser on Tindie

We are having a RoboBrrd fundraiser / pre-order on Tindie right now. Check it out here!

With your help, we’ll (hopefully) be able to meet our goal of 30 RoboBrrds to do another production run. We have learnt many things during the first run from the Indiegogo campaign, now we’re up to trying it again. Each of the RoboBrrds ordered in the Tindie fundraiser will receive a special Brrdy-Tindie token. 😉

The fundraiser is only up for two weeks! If you can share the word about the fundraiser with your friends, teachers, animals, robots, aliens, and everyone else- it will be incredibly useful.

We will have more updates, secret RoboBrrd messages, and goodies coming soon. 😀

Introducing Buddy 4000

Buddy 4000 is a classy robot chassis designed to express robot emotions with an artistic flair. 😉

See it in action in this video!

Buddy 4000 is available NOW in the RoboBrrd Store! Special introductory sale, $5 off!

It is everything you are looking for in a robot chassis that looks like a classic robot. Perfect as a chassis for a small project, or just a robotic statue.


There is documentation available for building the robot, example electronics, and programming. Check out the main page for Buddy 4000 to see them all.

Open Source Hardware

Yes, Buddy 4000 is OSHW! You can view the .stl’s in our 3D viewer mode, and download an archive of all the files. Hopefully this will let everyone be able to make their own Buddy 4000 (or even a derivative of it). Send pics if you do! Go check it out.

Name Your Price

There is a special ‘name your price’ feature on the Buddy 4000 store page. The extra money is going towards our robotics fund / Maker Faire NY travel fund! We really appreciate your help, and hope to see you at Maker Faire NY!


Buddy 4000 was created to look like a modern version of the old ‘tin toy’ robots. We put much effort into the design of the ‘bot, so hopefully it meets this goal. It took a while to finish this off, especially with all the documentation. Enjoy it! If it makes someone smile, it has been worth it.

Thanks to all the twitter people for following this project over the course of developing it. It’s been fun, and the replies were always interesting to read!

Now go get your Buddy 4000 here, or make your own here!