Botbait and the Space Fish!

One of the ways Botbait enjoys spending its time is by playing with fish (of course)! These fish live in a special habitat… SPACE! They float around the cosmic-coloured waves and go wherever the ‘water’ current directs them.

Check out the video!

Botbait and the Space Fish is an interactive application made in Processing.


You can download it, view the source, and connect it with your own Botbait! Learn more, here.


Here is a cool project update from John on the start of a robot that uses flexible links! Nicknamed Flexibot 0.1, here you can see the flexible links in action for a pan-tilt head, controlled by a RC joystick:

Watch on YouTube

Here’s more thoughts from John:

One thing I’ve been thinking about for years, is flexible robots. I’m a pretty good fabricator, but the precision and complexity, required to make useful multi-degree of freedom joints (like your shoulder) has always seemed a little daunting, especially if you try to make them compact.



He plans to go further on the mechanics, then turn it into a proper robot with autonomous control. Last update on Twitter, he’s going to the hobby shop for more parts- so that will be interesting. 😉 Botbait is definitely looking forward to (virtually) meeting another flexi-bot!

Read more over on John’s blog!

We also blogged about John’s RoboBrrd Stella here. Follow him on Google+!

Botbait Update

Here’s Botbait watching a new fellow bot being created!

Botbait appeared on the MAKE blog the other day:


Check out the article here. (Thank you John Baichtal for writing it)

Botbait also appeared as a Gadget Master at Electronics Weekly:


Complete article here. (Thank you Alun Williams for writing it)

We have heard some interesting feedback from people-

If you wanted to build your own tentacle mechanism tail (without the top pieces, but with more vertebrae), there is now a bundle HERE for $29.95.

One of the most common questions is: Is it hard to make?
Botbait is challenging, but it is possible to make it. We are currently working on the instructions, but it will serve as a useful guide for anyone looking to make one. There is also the in-depth video.

From wondering about how cats would react to this robot, to imagining creepy alien designs for Halloween, to how they can react to Gangam Style, it has been fun to hear the feedback.

We sold our 1st Botbait kit yesterday, and are printing the pieces as we type!


Who will be the 2nd kit? They are available in the store now 😉

THANK YOU to everyone who has shared about Botbait on their social networks. It really helps spread the word and reach more people.

Learn more about Botbait here.