Promulgate is an Arduino library with a very simple protocol to allow communication from Arduino to other devices.

Check out the video to see it in action!

The library was designed so that you can add Promulgate quickly to a project. It is very simple to parse and transmit messages.

To get started, go to There is an example and boilerplate code for Arduino and Processing.

The code is available in this repository.

If something breaks in the library or could be improved, feel free to let us know. We’re constantly learning, so if it’s wrong, we might not have even realised this.

You can also see our post about our two Promulgate + iOS demos.

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Botbait and the Space Fish!

One of the ways Botbait enjoys spending its time is by playing with fish (of course)! These fish live in a special habitat… SPACE! They float around the cosmic-coloured waves and go wherever the ‘water’ current directs them.

Check out the video!

Botbait and the Space Fish is an interactive application made in Processing.


You can download it, view the source, and connect it with your own Botbait! Learn more, here.

RoboBrrd and Voice Commands!

RoboBrrd and Voice Commands from @eightlines

Here is a really chirpy cool hack from @eightlines, a RoboBrrd that responds to voice commands! In the video, you can see that as he says different colours, then the RoboBrrd will change the colours of its eyes.

It works by connecting the RoboBrrd to Processing. In Processing, it uses Florian Schultz’ Speech to Text Library (STT).

Check out the video of it in action below!

RoboBrrd Voice Commands from Eightlines on Vimeo.

You can find the example code here.

Thanks for posting about this hack eightlines, and as he mentions: “you can add on to the script to make it do more”!

This is a really neat way to interact with RoboBrrd! Let us know if you also try out some voice commands too.

RoboBrrd and Voice Commands from @eightlines

I wonder what happens when you say “Make Gazpacho”… 😉

Read more about it on eightline’s blog!