Botbait and the Space Fish

Botbait and the Space Fish

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Product Description

One of the ways Botbait enjoys spending its time is by playing with fish (of course)! These fish live in a special habitat… SPACE! They float around the cosmic-coloured waves and go wherever the ‘water’ current directs them.

Botbait keeps an eye out for when there are four or more fish near its tail. When there is, it will swoosh its tail to disturb them. The fish swim away, but eventually make their way back. If one of Botbait’s buttons are pressed, then it will gently swish its tail.

Download the software and learn more here!

Botbait and the Space Fish is donationware. We ask for your help so we can continue developing fun robots on this journey of re-imagining the world where kids can build their own robots, modify them, and view the source.

If you enjoy the software, feel free to donate. All donations will receive a special commemorative photograph of Botbait saying hello to you.


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