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Flexible Starter Kit


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Product Description

If you want to start your flexible robot building adventure, this is the kit for you! Includes all of the moulds, plenty of hubs, and an assortment of vertebrae.

Pieces Included

• 2x Moulds Size 1-5
• 26x Hubs
• 2x Vertebrae Mini
• 3x Vertebrae Size 1
• 3x Vertebrae Size 2
• 3x Vertebrae Size 3
• 2x Vertebrae Size 4

Custom Colours

We can print the pieces in a specific colour if you wish. Let us know through the order comments. Below are the available colours:

Lead times vary. Some colours we might already have pre-fabricated. Otherwise, it can be 3-6 day wait for the printer.


Create some flexible links using two hubs and a mould. From there, stick the links between vertebrae. Alternate the vertebrae sizes for an interesting effect. Attach some fishing line to the ends of a vertebrae and string it though. Push/pull to see the construction move!

You can see one of our flexible creations in action: Botbait!

This is a really good kit as a starting off point, since there are many pieces to experiment with.

Some other ideas would be to make a funny robotic flower with a flexible stem. Or even a robot with antennae!


Vertebrae Pieces
Hubs (10 Pack)


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