10x Hubs

Hubs (10 Pack)


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Product Description

10 hubs! These are used at the ends of the flexible links so they can join the vertebrae.

Pieces Included

• 10x Hubs

Custom Colours

We can print the pieces in a specific colour if you wish. Let us know through the order comments. Below are the available colours:

Lead times vary. Some colours we might already have pre-fabricated. Otherwise, it can be 3-6 day wait for the printer.


Two hubs are placed inside of one of the moulds, with the ends protruding from outside of the mould. After the material sets and excess trimmed away, you now have a flexible link. The hubs in the links are used to join onto vertebraes.

You can see the flexible links in action on Botbait’s tail!


Flexible Starter Kit
Vertebrae Pieces


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