Quick! Voltage Divider!
Quick! Voltage Divider!Quick! Voltage Divider!Quick! Voltage Divider!

Quick! Voltage Divider!


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Product Description

Add two voltage dividers to your project — usually used with variable resistors as sensors.

Are you tired of wiring voltage dividers by hand? It can become boring after a while, and the wires are usually not very tidy, with no place to mount everything.

This is a very handy board for you to have. Plus, they come with bonus enclosure ‘sleds’!

Also, if you don’t want to look up the resistor value each time, you can write in the value on the white blocks provided near the edges of the board.

What is included:

3x Quick! Voltage Divider! boards
3x Enclosure ‘sled’

Enclosure colour customization

Feel free to let us know in the order comments what colour of enclosure you would like. They are 3D printed, here are the colours we have available:

Lead time: 2-3 days


- Quick! Voltage Divider! page
- Soldering guide
- Open Source Hardware
- [Tutorial] 3D Printed PCB Enclosure
- [Video] Four New Boards – Timelapses


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