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RoboBrrd Brain Board (APMB)


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Product Description

Your RoboBrrd needs a brain! Use this Arduino Pro Mini Breakout board that was specifically designed for RoboBrrd to get it up and running.

The input and output pins are clearly marked, so you will never get confused with where the servos, LEDs, and light sensors should be plugged in.

It is also much lighter than the original RoboBrrd Brain Board (but still no guarantees that it will actually be able to fly!).

Using the Arduino Pro Mini as a ‘drop in’ controller will give you flexibility with the electronics. If you need to borrow the controller for a different project, just remove it from the RoboBrrd Brain board. When you want to control RoboBrrd again, plug the Arduino back in! Simple and effective!

This also comes with an enclosure ‘sled’. Makes it easier to hot glue feathers to it. Or, for actual mounting purposes.

What is included:

1x RoboBrrd Brain (APMB) boards
1x Enclosure ‘sled’

Enclosure colour customization

Feel free to let us know in the order comments what colour of enclosure you would like. They are 3D printed, here are the colours we have available:

Lead time: 2-3 days


- RoboBrrd Brain (APMB) page
- Soldering guide
- Open Source Hardware
- [Tutorial] 3D Printed PCB Enclosure
- [Video] Four New Boards – Timelapses


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