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Tentacle Mechanism Kit + Electronics


Product Description

Start your journey of tentacle mechanisms with this kit! Includes the basic electronics to get you up and running.

Kit Includes:

  • Arduino Pro Mini
  • 4 Micro Servos
  • 6x 5mm LEDs (your choice: red, orange, yellow, green, blue)
  • 4x RGB Piranha LEDs
  • Resistors for LEDs
  • Shift-out 74HC595 Proto Board Assembly (pre-soldered)
  • 3D printed parts
  • Flexible tentacle center core (pre-moulded)
  • Necessary mechanical pieces (screws & nuts)

Lead time: 3-4.5 weeks (waiting on parts mainly)

Read more on the Tentacle page

In order to program the tentacle mechanisms, you will need an FTDI cable. Available at Adafruit or Sparkfun (or perhaps your local hackerspace too!).


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