GREETINGS, future friend of robots!

The RoboBrrd 3D kit is available now!

If you want a robot pet that you can make your own, and learn about robotics in a fun way, RoboBrrd is the best place to begin!


What makers are saying:

"My daughter’s @RoboBrrd arrived today! I am so greatly looking forward to building it with her soon." - @dlkinney
"I'm getting a RoboBird to do with my daughters. It's a perfect mix of tech and art. Very cool! [...]" - @KaleidoscopeNJ
"@Robobrrd A Robobrrd was delivered today, a fun surprise for son and daughter." - @ZefNerd
"Thank you @RobotGrrl I received my @robobrrd :-) Looks awesome in pieces. can't wait to see it built by my daughter - 1st robot!" - @chrisarsenault
"Buy one for your daughter, niece, or granddaughter! #robobird" - @RobotDiva
"[...] My favorite little robots from the Open Hardware Summit @ MIT last fall. I <3 @robobrrd" - @WillingCarol
Daughter quite upset that her new furby has started using valspeak. +1 for @RoboBrrd. (Kit assembly in progress.)" - @pgor
"Our @RoboBrrd kit arrived... cutest circuit board ever." - @crushapps
"This child behind me is yammering about robot birds ("it's a robot that's a bird!"). Not sure if precocious or super irritating." - @j_zimms