Greetings visitors from Maker Faire Ottawa! (And everyone else too of course!) :D

You can buy the RoboBrrd 3D Kit in the store right now! Click here! YIPEE!

Also, check out RoboBrrd 3D's home page where you can find the instructions and more info HERE! :)  

What makers are saying:

"My daughter’s @RoboBrrd arrived today! I am so greatly looking forward to building it with her soon." - @dlkinney
"I'm getting a RoboBird to do with my daughters. It's a perfect mix of tech and art. Very cool! [...]" - @KaleidoscopeNJ
"@Robobrrd A Robobrrd was delivered today, a fun surprise for son and daughter." - @ZefNerd
"Thank you @RobotGrrl I received my @robobrrd :-) Looks awesome in pieces. can't wait to see it built by my daughter - 1st robot!" - @chrisarsenault
"Buy one for your daughter, niece, or granddaughter! #robobird" - @RobotDiva
"[...] My favorite little robots from the Open Hardware Summit @ MIT last fall. I <3 @robobrrd" - @WillingCarol
Daughter quite upset that her new furby has started using valspeak. +1 for @RoboBrrd. (Kit assembly in progress.)" - @pgor
"Our @RoboBrrd kit arrived... cutest circuit board ever." - @crushapps
"This child behind me is yammering about robot birds ("it's a robot that's a bird!"). Not sure if precocious or super irritating." - @j_zimms


RoboBrrd Reel

See the RoboBrrds in action, watch video