Arduino Pro Mini Breakout board!

Embed an Arduino into a project, with a suitable amount of prototyping space available.


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Sometimes you don’t want to leave an entire Arduino in a project. Instead, you will go with an Arduino Pro Mini. But, you also don’t want to have an entire breadboard in the project.

If you are looking for something that is small, but has enough room for some prototyping space, access to a 2.1mm DC jack for power, and mounting holes…

…then this is a very handy board for you to have! Plus, they come with bonus enclosure ‘sleds’!

Already have one? Scroll down for the soldering steps!

Step 1


You will need a few female and male headers for your Arduino Pro Mini.

2x 2-Female
2x 2-Male
2x 12-Female
2x 12-Male
1x 6-Male (90 degrees)

Step 2


Solder the male headers to the Arduino Pro Mini.

Solder the female headers to the breakout board.

Refer to the image above to see which row the female headers go into. (And double check with your Pro Mini when soldering)

Step 3


Solder the DC jack. This might take a bit more solder as the holes are larger.

Determine whether your DC jack is center positive or negative. In our example, it is center positive.

Solder the larger pad (the center) to the RAW pad.

Solder the two smaller pads (the sides) to the GND pad.

Step 4


Plug in the Arduino Pro Mini and your power connection!

It should light up!



Here is what the final board looks like, front and back.


Congrats! You have completed the Arduino Pro Mini Breakout! board!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask on the forum.

Also check out our related tutorial- how to create a 3D printed PCB enclosure!

"Just soldered an Arduino Pro Mini Breakout board! #RoboBrrd"

Open Source Hardware

If you want to learn from this board, or just make a derivative- here is the open source hardware! Please send us a photo of whatever you do end up making with it! :D

gEDA PCB   Enclosure

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