Quick! Resistors!

Add resistors to your project with simplicity and elegance.


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Do you need resistors quickly, but are not pleased with using perf board due to its lack of mounting holes and jagged appearance?

Or, when you are breadboarding and the resistors are falling out — or somehow accidentally get bumped out of their place?

This is a very handy board for you to have. Plus, they come with bonus enclosure ‘sleds’!

Also, if you don’t want to look up the resistor value each time, you can write in the value on the white blocks provided near the edges of the board.

Already have one? Scroll down for the soldering steps!

Step 1


Gather your LEDs and solder wires to them. In our example, we are using piranha RGB LEDs.

Solder the first LED to the Quick! Resistors! connection pads as seen in the photo.

Solder the second LED wires next to the first ones. See the photo for a reference.

Step 2


Determine the resistor values for the LEDs.

Place the resistors where they are needed and solder them.

Omit any resistor for the Gnd or V+ connection.

Step 3


Solder the shorting pads together for the places with no resistor. (This is for the Gnd connection in our example)

Solder together the shorting pads near the edges of the board. These are for setting the output to go to a certain input. (For example, so you can drive both LEDs together, in parallel)

Step 4


Solder the output connection wires to the bottom row of pads.

If you are adding on a male header, you can re-arrange the wires so they are R, G, B, Gnd. This will make it easier to plug into the RoboBrrd Brain (APMB).



Here is what the final board looks like, front and back.


Congrats! You have completed the Quick! Resistors! board!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask on the forum.

Also check out our related tutorial- how to create a 3D printed PCB enclosure!

"Just soldered a Quick! Resistors! board! #RoboBrrd"

Open Source Hardware

If you want to learn from this board, or just make a derivative- here is the open source hardware! Please send us a photo of whatever you do end up making with it! :D

gEDA PCB   Enclosure

Designed by Erin Kennedy / RobotGrrl for RoboBrrd.com


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