Further - Overview

Now that your RoboBrrd is done and you have programmed behaviours into it, the real fun begins! What is next is up to you! What do you want your RoboBrrd to do? Do you want it to send out tweets on Twitter? Or perhaps try and get people to feed it? Or maybe even create an evolving chirping sound and dance!

Here are some thoughts to maybe get you going. But really, go out there and make whatever you want for RoboBrrd!

Further - NFC Hats

This is the classic 'trick' for RoboBrrd, being able to detect what hat it is wearing, and do different actions! Here is a video overview about that hack. It's always a fun one!

NFC hats

Further - Software

It's always fun to make RoboBrrd work with various software applications. Make something RoboBrrd can't do in reality, but can do in virtual! Here are some of my examples with RoboBrrd and software:

Math in Space

Cosmic Soap

RoboBrrd Food

Further - Misc

Here are some more various ideas!

RoboBrrd Light Chasing

Cloud Robotics

RoboBrrd Character


Well done on all that you have learnt when building this RoboBrrd! Now it is time for you to start making your RoboBrrd do whatever you want! What will you make it do?

"I'm ready to start hacking and modifying RoboBrrd! YEA!"
RoboBrrd Kit Building I'm ready to start hacking and modifying RoboBrrd! YEA! #RoboBrrd