Quick! Voltage Divider!

Add two voltage dividers to your project — usually used with variable resistors as sensors.


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Are you tired of wiring voltage dividers by hand? It can become boring after a while, and the wires are usually not very tidy, with no place to mount everything.

This is a very handy board for you to have. Plus, they come with bonus enclosure ‘sleds’!

Also, if you don’t want to look up the resistor value each time, you can write in the value on the white blocks provided near the edges of the board.

Already have one? Scroll down for the soldering steps!

Step 1


Solder 4 wires to the header connection near the top edge of the board.

Gather your variable resistors and solder them into resistor A and C respectively.

Step 2


Determine what resistance you need for the pull-down resistor.

Solder each resistor into space B and D.



Here is what the final board looks like, front and back.

The voltage from the sensor on the left hand side (ie, the voltage divided by resistor A & B) will be output to the top connection labeled A. It is also on TP2.

Same as above, but for the right hand side and for resistor C & D.


Congrats! You have completed the Quick! Voltage Divider! board!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask on the forum.

Also check out our related tutorial- how to create a 3D printed PCB enclosure!

"Just soldered a Quick! Voltage Divider! board! #RoboBrrd"

Open Source Hardware

If you want to learn from this board, or just make a derivative- here is the open source hardware! Please send us a photo of whatever you do end up making with it! :D

gEDA PCB   Enclosure

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