Building the Chassis

Ready to build the chassis? We will need some wood glue for this. I have found that it is great to use a coffee stick to apply the glue. A pencil will also be handy for poking out some of the laser cut pieces. Now let's check the pieces that we should have in the kit!

There are two beak servo nubs included in case you lose one or it gets destroyed. You only need one of them on the servo horn (as you will see in the later videos)!

There is also a pack of mechanical pieces, three servos, and two 8cm long pieces of piano wire. The piano wire can be found taped to the RoboBrrd Kit box behind the 'hello new friend of RoboBrrd!' piece of paper.

Mechanical Pieces Included in Kit
Quantity Item Place
2 Rivet Diameter 1/8" Length 1" Wing frame through wing to front face
2 Rivet Diameter 1/8" Length 5/8" Beak frame through beak to other beak frame
4 Phillips Flat Head #6-32 x 1/4" Bottom face to standoffs
4 Phillips Pan Head #6-32 x 3/16" Brain Board PCB to standoffs
4 Standoff Screw Size #6-32 Length: 5/32"
In newer shipments, Length: 1/4"
Between Brain Board PCB and bottom face
2 Piano Wire Diameter: 0.039" Length: ~8cm Wing servo to wing arm

Now it is time to assemble it! We have created a series of four videos that will guide you through building the RoboBrrd chassis, see them below!

Building - Step 1

First stage of the chassis

Piece #10 isn't glued in right away, but once you are completely finished the build, you can glue it in where it won't prohibit the movement of the beak mechanism

Building - Step 2

Beak and wings construction

The longer rivets are for the wings, the shorter rivets are for the beak

Building - Step 3

Attaching the wings

See below for a clarification on the piano wire

Piano Wire Clarification

*Note: You may need to carve out the servo horn hole with an xacto knife for the piano wire to fit.

Building - Step 4

Adding beak servo and final pieces


You are done building the RoboBrrd! Next up, we have to put its brains together! Let's get started!

Soldering Part 1

"I just finished building the RoboBrrd chassis! Chirp!"
RoboBrrd Kit Building I just finished building the RoboBrrd chassis! Chirp! #RoboBrrd