RoboBrrd Replacement 3D Pieces

Here are all of the RoboBrrd pieces, made for 3D printing! You can download the .stl files and print it on your own 3D printer. Also check out the dimensional drawings of the pieces to see how you can modify them (units are in mm)! These pieces were designed to be able to fit together with both the 3d printed pieces and the laser cut pieces.

The 3D Viewer Mode uses WebGL. Some browsers may have a better experience than others, we highly recommend Chrome. You will definitely enjoy it much more ;)

You can download an archive of all the files here.
Please see the thanks section for the CERN OHL license information for these works.

The settings we found work good on our 3D printer (aka The RED^GREEN MACHINE - a Makerbot Replicator 1) using ABS are as follows:
No raft / no supports
Infill: 70% (for bigger pieces) or 50% (for smaller pieces)
Layer height: 0.25mm
Number of shells: 4
Feedrate: 60 mm/s
Travel feedrate: 80 mm/s
Print temp: 220 deg C

Keep in mind to use the settings that work best for your printer. It's best to try on the smaller parts first, such as the wings or beak. If you have any questions, let us know in the forum!



  • Beak Detail

  • Detail

  • Eyes Detail

  • Top Face Detail

  • Slots Detail

  • Beaks

  • Wings

  • Partially Assembled 1

  • Partially Assembled 2

  • Partially Assembled 3

  • Partially Assembled 4

  • Partially Assembled 5

  • Partially Assembled 6

  • Partially Assembled 7

  • Partially Assembled 8

  • Partially Assembled 9

  • Partially Assembled 10

  • Partially Assembled 11

  • Fully Assembled!

  • RoboBrrd :)

  • Chirp!


All units are in mm
The extrusion of each piece is 3.05mm
The additional 'circles' on some of the holes are the chamfers around their perimeter

Download dimensions as .pdf:
Page 1 | Page 2

Download dimensions as .dxf:
Sheet 1 | Sheet 2


Thanks for looking at the RoboBrrd 3D Replacement Parts crazy cool open source hardware documentation page!

When you print all the pieces out, head over to the kit instructions to start building it.

Take a pic and show us your RoboBrrd by tweeting it to @RoboBrrd! We would really love to see it! :)

"RoboBrrd 3D Open Source Hardware! COOL! Check it out! #openhardware #oshw"

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