RoboBrrd 3D Printed

The best designed RoboBrrd to date, available for everyone to make and tinker with.

RoboBrrd can wave its wings, blink its eyes in a rainbow of colours, and open and close its beak.

Features interlocking plates for quick assembly, and a slider tray for conveinient access to the electronics.

If you have been looking for a robotic pet that you can make your own, RoboBrrd is the place to start!




Make a RoboBrrd KIT!

Start your journey of robot building with the RoboBrrd 3D kit!

Includes all of the 3D printed pieces, the electronics, and servo motors.

Available now on the RoboBrrd store!



Go from pieces to an assembled RoboBrrd chassis!



Learn what to solder together to make your RoboBrrd Brain work!



Code the instructions that make RoboBrrd dance, chirp, wave its wings!



Make sure RoboBrrd's servos are set properly, with help from the RoboBrrd Dashboard app!


Open Source Hardware

For everyone out there who wants to modify and customize their own RoboBrrd (to have special super powers and 3d printed jet packs for example) here are the files to assist you in this adventure! We hope that you will have a blast learning from our design files. Please send us a photo of whatever you do end up making so we can share it with the flock of RoboBrrds & friends!


.stl Files for 3D Printing

Autodesk Inventor Designs + .stl Files


If you would like to support us to make more open source hardware, consider buying something from our store. Our OSHW Patronage item is a great way to chip in. ;)

Designed by Erin Kennedy / RobotGrrl for


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"Gotta make one of the new @RoboBrrd 3D designs! :D #openhardware #robot"

RoboBrrd 3D Gotta make one of the new RoboBrrd 3D designs! :D #openhardware #robot #RoboBrrd