Tentacle Mechanism Animatronic Robot

This robot is a great way to dive into the world of animatronic tentacle mechanisms and explore different ways of interacting with a robotic creature.

Also known as Botbait, this robot moves organically, lights up charismatically, and enjoys interacting with you.

Available as a kit, a kit including electronics, and customised & assembled. See it in action below:

Watch video on YouTube

Do-it-yourself Kit

If you are a robot explorer with electronics scattered about your workbench, this is the kit for you.

This does not include the electronics, but comes with all the 3D printed parts.

Kit Includes:
  • 3D printed parts
  • Flexible tentacle center core (pre-moulded)
  • Necessary mechanical pieces (screws & nuts)

Lead time: 3.5-8 days

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Do-it-yourself Kit
(incl. Electronics)

Start your journey of tentacle mechanisms with this kit! Includes the basic electronics to get you up and running.

Kit Includes:
  • Arduino Pro Mini
  • 4 Micro Servos
  • 6x 5mm LEDs (your choice: red, orange, yellow, green, blue)
  • 4x RGB Piranha LEDs
  • Resistors for LEDs
  • Shift-out 74HC595 Proto Board Assembly (pre-soldered)
  • 3D printed parts
  • Flexible tentacle center core (pre-moulded)
  • Necessary mechanical pieces (screws & nuts)

Lead time: 3-4.5 weeks (waiting on parts mainly)

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Customised & Assembled

The tentacle mechanism is a beautiful robot to hang on a wall, like a piece of artwork that is a living and interactive creature.

Everything will be pre-assembled, and come pre-loaded with an interesting behaviour and some dance routines.

  • Vertebrae diameters
  • Tail LED colours
  • Filament colour
  • Paint highlights colours
  • Other interesting things you can think of / request!

Lead time: 4-8 weeks (hand-made by RobotGrrl)

$174.95 - Buy Now
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Looking to make your own tail or flexible robot? Check out our flexible starter kit with all of the pieces you will need!

In order to program the tentacle mechanisms, you will need an FTDI cable. Available at Adafruit or Sparkfun (or perhaps your local hackerspace too!).


Here are some photos of the tentacle mechanism in action. The colours from the RGB LEDs really shine and cast colours everywhere. Watching the LEDs on the tail as it is swooshing is quite mesmerising.

Making Of

Here is a 17 minute in-depth video about the tentacle mechanism. It covers the design, building, electronics, programming, and behaviour of the robot.

Watch video on YouTube

We will be posting more information for assembly, electronics, programming, and going further, very soon. In the meantime, please do enjoy our video above.

Build Instructions

Get started on building your Botbait! It requires lots of patience, but the end result will be worth it :)

Build Part 1 Build Part 2

Electronics Instructions

Now that your own tentacle mechanism is built, time to add its BRAINS!



Time to make the tentacle mechanism do some interesting animations! Let's program it!


Botbait and the Space Fish

Make Botbait play with space fish using this interactive software!

Space Fish

More Information

For a look behind the scenes to see how this robot creature became into existence, check out these links below to old progress updates.

Open Source Hardware

For everyone who would prefer to make their own prints of the tentacle mechanism, here are all of the files for printing. Please send us a photo of whatever you do end up making!

Download OSHW

Designed by Erin Kennedy / RobotGrrl for RoboBrrd.com


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